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Technical service

To "provide customers with first-class products and professional service" for the purpose, adhering to the "customer first, professional intimate, fast and efficient, the whole life cycle of service concept, to provide customers from pre-sale, sale to after-sales life cycle wordless service".

Pre-sales service

1. Customer Service Center:

We will be divided into product consulting center, technical support center, equipment repair center, complaint and suggestion center.

We are always waiting for your call, providing one-stop professional services such as product introduction, price consultation, technical support, customized demand solutions, troubleshooting, repair and spare parts consultation and sales, product complaints and service complaints.

2. In-depth customized technical solutions:

We have a mature solution team, senior engineers set rich experience, according to the needs of customers, to provide them with efficient and professional in-depth customized solutions.

The sale of services

1. Consultant sales: there are always different technical needs. We will do our best to assist you in the optimization of product selection and help you realize the value optimization of the products you buy.

2. Lean Transportation: We will provide professional transportation and door-to-door service.By choosing a convenient and efficient mode of transportation, we can ensure that the products are delivered to your hands accurately and quickly.

3, worry-free installation: we provide customers with detailed product installation information.Technical engineers communicate and guide them to the site to solve problems during installation.

After-sales service

1, technical hotline: Wanxin Seiko team through the hotline to provide customers with year-round technical support, quick response to customer feedback, timely processing information.

2, site service: to ensure fast response time, quickly arrive at the service site, to provide installation guidance, operation debugging, troubleshooting, product maintenance, technology upgrade services, as well as preventive maintenance services for products, to avoid equipment failure under normal operation, maximize the production capacity of equipment.

3, spare parts timely: complete product spare parts center, at any time for you to send equipment failure required spare parts, accurate and timely to the hands of customers, shorten the equipment due to failure of production processing time.