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    F Parallel shaft-Helical Geared Motor

F Parallel shaft-Helical Geared Motor

Product Parameters

Wide versatility (power): 0.18KW~200KW

High load and impact resistance

Easy installation, low noise

Reduction ratio(High  Torque)


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2. Precautions for selection:

1.Determine the installation location of the reducer: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 (related to the amount of fuel);

2. Motor junction box angle: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° (related to installation and wiring);

3. Motor outlet positions 1, 2, 3, (not marked in the normal position: the outlet is facing downwards);

4. Determining the direction of the out axis;

5. Parameters: power, torque, speed ratio, use coefficient, ambient temperature, etc.;

6. There are 2-3 types of RF series output flange diameters (involving customer installation stations, specific reference samples);

7. Two hollow shaft diameter sizes of SA47-SA97(related to installation);

8. The output rotation direction can be adjusted according to the motor wiring, no need to note CW/CCW.

3. Advantages:

1. The motor is our own production, Taiwanese standard, more power than the national standard motor, and more stable temperature rise

2. Short production cycle, 7-10 days for standard products (1-2 days for special circumstances), 15 days for non-standard products;

3. Complete supporting equipment, motors, connecting flanges, torque arms, locking discs, and various types of combined machines;

4. The gear material is treated with 20CrMnTi+ carburizing process, which can effectively improve the carrying capacity of the gear. The whole set of gears and gear shafts adopt the grinding gear repair process, and the gear running noise is lower;

5. The output shaft adopts 40Cr+ quenching and tempering high frequency treatment, and the oil seal position adopts radial grinding to improve the wear resistance and reduce the risk of oil leakage;

6. The oil seal is of fluorine rubber type to reduce the risk of oil leakage.

4. Application:

Ceramic industry (mixer, model FF, RF), woodworking industry (rotary cutting machine, model R87), glass edging machine, express sorting, environmental protection industry (fruit and vegetable waste biochemical machine, model K127), stage curtain machine (model KAF77) -AM flange), tea press, coal testing equipment, graphite ball conveyor, automobile welding equipment (integral rotary welding of automobile chassis), aquaculture industry (lobster cutting machine, feed mixer), conveyor line (plastic product processing production line) .