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    Micro Standard Motor + Right Angle Hollow Gearbox

Micro Standard Motor + Right Angle Hollow Gearbox

Product Parameters

Wide versatility (power): 6W~250W

High load and impact resistance

Easy installation, low noise

Reduction ratio(High  Torque): 3~200


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Spiral tooth design, the base material has both rigidity and toughness, and the parts mesh well; the gear is made of low-carbon alloy steel, and the surface hardness of the gear is carburized and quenched to HRC62 to obtain the best wear resistance and impact resistance toughness.  The reduction mechanism adopts helical gear design, and its tooth profile meshing ratio is more than twice that of ordinary spur gears.  The bevel gear of the reducer adopts a hypoid spiral bevel gear, and the tooth surface is grinded, which has the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency and compact structure.  The motor adopts high temperature resistant F grade copper wire and wired by high accurate mechanical system, and at the same time uses professional motor testing equipment for testing.


High durability: The gear is made of high-strength alloy steel, and the shell is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and durable; high efficiency: higher transmission efficiency than traditional bevel gears and worm gear reducers at the same speed ratio;  High Input speed: the maximum input speed can reach 10000 rpm; low noise: exquisite design, precision manufacturing, noise is less than 65dB(A); maintenance-free: the whole machine is compact, the reducer is lubricated with grease, and it is maintenance-free for life;  Insulation grade: F grade, temperature resistance 155 ℃.


Micro Gear Motor are mainly used in conveying machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, office machinery, printing machinery, electronic equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, pollution prevention machinery, sports machinery , Special professional machinery, wire and cable, financial professional and other fields, are the most ideal supporting products for automation equipment in various industries.