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  • GVM series --- Vertical Direct Connect Gear Box

GVM series --- Vertical Direct Connect Gear Box

Product Parameters

Output Shaft OD: 18~50mm

Reduction ratio: 3~8000; 

Matching motor power: 0.2~3.7KW

working system: S1

IP grade: IP44


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1. Model Name



2. Process Feature

The reducer mechanism adopts helical tooth design, the parts mesh well, and its tooth shape meshing rate is more than twice that of ordinary spur gears; the material is low-carbon alloy steel, the base material has both rigidity and toughness. The surface hardness of the gear reaches HRC62 after carburizing and quenching, so as to obtain the best wear resistance and impact toughness.. The bevel gear part of the reducer adopts the structure of hypoid spiral and spiral bevel gear. The tooth surface is processed by grinding teeth, which has the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency and compact structure. The motor adopts high temperature resistant F grade copper wire and automatic mechanical wire entry, and uses professional motor testing equipment for detection.

3. Advantages

a. High durability: 

Gear material: high-strength alloy steel;

Housing material: high-strength die-cast aluminum alloy;

the superior material makes the gear motor light weight and high durability; 

b. High input speed: 

the maximum input speed could reach 10000 rpm;

c. low noise: 

exquisite design, precision manufacturing, noise is <65dB(A); 

d. maintenance-free: 

compact machine, gearbox lubricated with grease, lifelong maintenance-free

e. Insulation grade: F grade, temperature resistance 155 ℃

f. high efficiency: higher transmission efficiency than traditional bevel and worm gear motors at the same speed ratio; 

4. Applications

Transmission equipment, automated car-parking system, animal husbandry, chip removal machinery, woodworking equipment, printing equipment, carton equipment, cotton box equipment, packaging equipment, electrical cable equipment, automation equipment, construction equipment, engineering machinery, etc.